bumba:: is there some brilliant Portuguese dessert I can make in 30 min?

fpereira:: yes

bumba:: spill

fpereira:: custard pies

bumba:: I must finish my tea, bike home, shower, do the ... custard pies, you say ... custard pies, and be at an 8pm dinner.

bumba:: wow, the guys at the next table are doing Advanced Math. In German. oh, the humanity!

fpereira:: need: - flour - eggs - sugar - those little filo dough shells on sale at the frozen food

bumba:: - check - check - check - hmmm must Geagle

bumba:: cooked or baked custard?

fpereira:: it's precooked, hence this being fast. Let me fetch recipe

bumba:: damn, I can't eavesdrop. My German skills are not even good enough to figure out if my math skills are good enough.

bumba:: There is also the German girl by the window, who is eavesdropping. We caught each other listening.

fpereira:: (this list is for two boxes of shells):

fpereira:: oh, it's fate

bumba:: is "nut" some special Iberian unit?

bumba:: can I use the usual 5 yolks = 3 eggs equation?

bumba:: I hate wasting egg whites :-)

bumba:: ok, what does one do with these ingredients?

fpereira:: then boil the milk with the butter. As it is warming up, mix flour sugar and salt aside. When milk is boiling, dump them in and mix energically. When it becomes custardy, take it out and let it cool down. After it cools, add the egg and the yolks and mix.

bumba:: I don't think I'll have time tonight, but if I ever make it I'll put it up on my dinner page and credit you.

bumba:: das ist nicht logisch, says my Teutonic neighbour, and I have to agree. It becomes custardy BEFORE you add eggs?

bumba:: hmmm, I don't think I should do the first time in a rush. But anyway, give me the rest of it, I'll write it down somewhere.

fpereira:: no, it won't become a custard until you add the eggs and then cook it for a little bit

bumba:: AHA. you sneaky fellow.

fpereira:: then drop the custard into the shells, and put in the oven for 5/10 minutes (you stop when the custar becomes a bit more brown and develops a few spots)

fpereira:: have to set off, sorry

bumba:: so wait.

  1. melt butter in milk, bring to boil.
  2. Whisk in flour/sugar/salt.
  3. Thicken
  4. Cool
  5. Whisk in eggs
  6. ???
  7. Fill shells
  8. Bake 5/10 min (at what temp? avec ou sans bain marie?)

fpereira:: 6. back to the gas for a little bit

bumba:: while stirring?

fpereira:: 350 centigrade

fpereira:: yes, while stirring

bumba:: 350 centigrade???? you mean fahrenheit.

fpereira:: it doesn't take long, and then some thickening alchemy happens

fpereira:: oh, you're right. This is for non-previously-baked shells

bumba:: brilliant. I shall try it out next opportunity. Where do I find these shells?

fpereira:: frozen food section, filo dough

bumba:: and if they ARE prev baked? or is that just blasphemy?

fpereira:: well, these are baked. I'm sure it's blasphemous, and filo is not exactly the same as the dough, but all the portuguese people here loved them, so it's fine

fpereira:: it just makes it even faster

bumba:: ah, super.

bumba:: herrlichen dank

bumba:: oops, herzlichen

bumba:: was typo, not arrogance :-)

fpereira:: I don't know what to answer :(

bumba:: you can say "bitte".

fpereira:: ah, of course

fpereira:: danke

bumba:: bitte

fpereira:: NOW gone

bumba:: :-) I cant figure out if the girl across the Café is looking at me, or just looking away from her laptop.